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Marty and Scott

You have found the photo albums of Marty and Scott. We like to travel so most of the albums that you will see here will be based on vacations that we have taken over the years. Taking photos while we travel is an important aspect of our trips. They help preserve our memories and allow us to share those memories with our family and friends. We try to show only the best of the photos, culling those that are of poor quality or those that may be repetitive. Occasionally there will be some that are not the best, but they show an important aspect of our trip. An example might be the photos of howler monkeys in Costa Rica. They were difficult to capture on "film", but were constant companions while we were there.

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Nederland 2009

We took a 2-week trip to The Netherlands in late April and May of 2009. We wanted to be there for tulip season and for the Queens Day celebration on April 30th. We also spent time visiting friends and relatives, first in the province of Friesland & the island of Terschelling and then in the province of Zeeland. The last couple of days were spent in Amsterdam.


Belize/Guatemala 2008

This is our winter vacation for 2008. We spent 2 weeks in February first visiting the jungles and Myan ruins of Belize and then a side trip to Guatemala where we stayed near Flores and visited the ruins of Tikal. After a few more days in the Belizean jungles, we spent the last 5 days of our trip on Ambergris Caye off the coast to enjoy the sun and the sea.


Costa Rica/Nicaragua 2007

This was our second trip to Costa Rica with an added 2-day tour to Nicaragua. We stayed 5 relaxing days on Sámara Beach which is on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya peninsula followed by 5 days on a farm near the Nicaraguan border. It was from there that we took the guided tour into Nicaragua.

Arenal Volcano

Iceland 2005

On our way to Amsterdam we stopped off in Iceland for 4 days. We stayed in the capital of Reykjavik, rented a car and toured some of the surrounding country side. It was a fascinating place to visit with a landscape that seemed to be from another world. However, considering the climate, we wouldn't want to live there.


Terschelling 2005

Since Marty was a little boy, his family has vacationed on the Dutch Island of Terschelling, one of the Frisian islands between the North sea and the Wadden Sea. This album is our latest visit to the island. We spent a week in July, 2005 not only with our immediate family, but Marty's cousins and their families joined us at various times throughout the week. This island is a "living" island with working farms, quaint villages, forests, heather, dunes and beaches. It is great for biking, hiking, eating and relaxing and even some nightlife.

Terschelling village

Costa Rica 2005

We travelled to Costa Rica for 2 weeks in March of 2005. We started out in the Capital of San Jose where we booked a full day 4-in-1 tour to visit some of the nearby sights followed by a 2-day white water rafting trip. We then rented a car and spent 3 or 4 days each on the Pacific Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, the Arenal Volcano area, the rain forests around Monteverde and finally back to the Pacific Coast in the Manuel Antonio area. The last night was spent in Orosi, not far from the capital.

Arenal Volcano

Southeast Asia 2004

In April of 2004 we took a trip to Southeast Asia with visits to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It was a trip we long had in mind, but postponed for a number of years because of concerns after 9/11 and the bombing on Bali. In the end, we decided that the time was right and since there will always be safety issues no matter where you go, it was no longer a concern. This was a great 4-week vacation!

Bali: The last 10 days of our trip were spent on the island of Bali, Indonesia. After spending one night in the tourist mecca of Kuta (where the bombing took place) we were driven to a villa on the north shore of Bali, far away from the normal tourist spots. Later we spent 3 nights in the cultural center of Bali, called Ubud.

Balinese temple

Dad's Slides

During the 60's and 70's Marty's Dad took a lot of slides of the family at home and on vacations. Because of the setup required, we haven't seen them in many years. To rescue these slides from oblivion, they were scanned in and an attempt was made to fix them up. Many of these slides showed their age and required a lot of doctoring to make them presentable. Some were so dark, that no amount of manipulation can make them really look good, but they meant something to us so they were included.

Dad in tux


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at our photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!